The story begins in 1957- the year founder Gino Lugli, after his technical studies, began working in engineering companies which, at the time, were technologically advanced, such as LOMBARDI MOTORI.

Lugli founded his first company in the mechanical engineering sector in 1967, naming it LC MECCANIA GENERALI. In 1973 it was transformed into LC OLEODINAMICA, the current Bosch Rexroth LC division.

In 1994, exploiting his decades of experience in both the metalworking, mechanical engineering and hydraulic sectors, Gino Lugli founded EUROFLUID HYDRAULIC with the sole intention of manufacturing specific items for the production of top quality hydraulic blocks, thus enabling all the proven skills of his collaborators within the hydraulic industry over the years.

EUROFLUID HYDRAULIC components are highly regarded by the majority of customers and manufacturers of hydraulic systems and automatic machines, and are also sought for many applications in various industrial sectors.

Thanks to its specialists, the technical department also plays a primary role with its efficiency and ability to realise specific applications requiring high levels of customisation.