Hydraulic manifold blocks

Eurofluid Hydraulic realize production of special components in accordance with drawing and customer specifications.
Below we list the materials normally worked and surface treatments provided:

– Cast iron GG25 (UNI-EN-1561-GJL-250)
– Cast Iron GGG40 (UNI-EN-GJS-1563-15)
– Steel C45 (UNI-EN-10083-2: 2006)
– Aluminium 2011 (EN-AW 2011)
– Aluminium 6026 (EN-AW 6026)
– Aluminum 6082 (EN-AW 6082)
– Aluminium 7075 (EN-AW 7075)
– Hycut 60
– GS500

Hydraulic Eurofluid is able to provide the certificate of the material.

For steel and cast iron we can provide the manifolds with the surface treatment of:

– Nitrocarburization
– Phosphating (UNI-ISO-9717)
– Zinc-plating Fe//Zn8//Cn//T0  DIN 50979
– Zinc-plating Fe//ZnNi8//An//T0  DIN 50979 (NICHEL)
– Burnishing

For aluminium we can supply the manifolds with the surface treatment of:
– Natural Anodizing (IND UNI-4522)
– Hard Anodizing (UNI 7796)

Eurofluid Hydraulic assess the feasibility of working materials and provide other types of surface treatments.

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