EUROFLUID HYDRAULIC provides the customer with the experience of its technicians, and with the support of dedicated software HYDraw CAD and MDTOOLS, the manufacture of personalised hydraulic manifolds according to specific requests can be quickly, and efficiently, realised.

We can provide:

  • A drawing of the manifold
  • Lay-out of hydraulic diagram
  • Construction design
  • Complete three- dimensional model of valves
  • Production of the complete manifold of valves

The customer is provided with the design of the manifold: Eurofluid carries out construction design and can provide the three-dimensional model assembled with all components mounted.

EUROFLUID HYDRAULIC uses software created for the design of manifolds, a three-dimensional program for the study of hydraulic blocks, (“Inventor”), that allows the checking of correspondence between the circuit of the block and dimensions of internal holes in the event of loss of pressure.


Electrical network

3D costruttivo

Architectural 3D


Completed 3D

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Eurofluid Hydraulic realize production of special components in accordance with drawing and customer specifications.
Below we list the materials normally worked and surface treatments provided:

  • Cast iron GG25 (UNI-EN-1561-GJL-250)
  • Cast Iron GGG40 (UNI-EN-GJS-1563-15)
  • Steel C45 (UNI-EN-10083-2: 2006)
  • Aluminium 2011 (EN-AW 2011)
  • Aluminium 6026 (EN-AW 6026)
  • Aluminum 6082 (EN-AW 6082)
  • Aluminium 7075 (EN-AW 7075)
  • Hycut 60
  • AVP
  • GS500

Hydraulic Eurofluid is able to provide the certificate of the material.

Surface treatment for cast iron and steel:

  • Nitrocarburization
  • Phosphating (UNI-ISO-9717)
  • Zinc-plating Fe//Zn8//Cn//T0 DIN 50979
  • Zinc-plating Fe//ZnNi8//An//T0 DIN 50979 (NICHEL)
  • Burnishing

Surface treatment for aluminum:

  • Natural Anodizing (IND UNI-4522)
  • Hard Anodizing (UNI 7796)

Eurofluid Hydraulic assess the feasibility of working materials and provide other types of surface treatments.

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